Welcome to the website for SMART-TD  Local 1933. 
Next Union Meeting
Monday, February 25, 2019
1130am (WAS) Uno's
Union Station
Your questions, concerns, and input are important even if you cannot physically attend a meeting! 
The new phone number is (515) 604-9746. Contact a local officer for the new access code.

Latest News:

New Service, New Jobs: March 4th is around the corner.  The new jobs for WAS, RVR, and CLT will be in effect on this date.  The new train service to NFK will also begin this day.  Please make sure you have familiarized yourself with the time limits of displacement.  Our contract DOES NOT mirror the BLET's contract on abolishments.  You will need to make your intentions know!

Denials:  If you are submitting a penalty claim to the LC,  you will need to provide a copy of your pay stub or PTT denial claim. The date that payroll denied your penalty claim needs to be on your paperwork.  There is a time frame for submitting Time Claims (Rule 24).  Handing a denied PTT ticket doesn't provide that information. You may scan and email or time claims in the LC "T" box in RVR or in the Union office in WAS.

Emails:  If you are interested having your email added to the list please send it to the LC or give it to your VLC. 

Mentoring New Hires:  We realize that not everyone wants to post a new hire. It takes time and patience.  We also realize that you still have a job to do while performing this service. Therefore, the union is working with management in creating of that want to assist in posting a new hire.  We need people who will coach and give good feedback to the new hires   If you are interested in being a mentor to new hires within your crew base, please send the LC an email with your name and current route(s). Serious inquiries only.