Welcome to the website for SMART-TD  Local 1933. 
Next Union Meeting 
Tuesday, December 18, 2018
7pm (RVR) Golden Corral
4050 Gaskins Rd
 Glen Allen, VA
Your questions, concerns, and input are important even if you cannot physically attend a meeting! 
The new phone number is (515) 604-9746. Contact a local officer for the new access code.

Latest News

Townhall Meeting
A small meeting took place between management and union members.  Conversations on uniforms, collecting VRE step-up tickets, and opening doors accordingly were discussed.  New service to NFK will be seen early spring of 2019.  Jobs will be changing again.  Superintendent Jarrett Alston is giving employees until January 1, to obtain new uniforms as well as providing more efficient service to the passengers and operations of the train.  

Please be mindful with riding in any PTI service, especially Lyft or Uber.  There is a huge debate going on between the General Committee and Labor Relations the safety of travel with these companies.  They have no regulations or hours of service amongst their employees.  Also many don't have a $1,000,000 policy of coverage which is a requirement.  If conditions of travel or you suspect something about your driver, please contact your supervisor and crew dispatch.  

Local 1933 Nominations
Congratulations to all of the nominees that were elected to hold office starting in 2019.  Local Chairman: Samantha Taylor
WAS Vice Local: Eric Mohan
CLT Vice Local:  Erika Parr

Early signup
Crews cannot be forced before their regular scheduled signup time.  It is at your discretion: if you choose to go up early, that's your choice.  However, you will not be penalized for coming in at your regular sign-up time.  Please acknowledge the phone call when the crew calls you.  And please notify your supervisor (for courtesy purposes only) and crew if you will not if you won't be able to make so can bemade.

 PTC can't operate within a block.  Fr example short shifting from 5-4tk in RVR station is no longer allowed.  Please be safe, careful and in compliance with all rules when making moves within a block.  Also please make sure you put down the correct delay codes according to the SSM.

Amtrak Employees
Check out the new information in the Amtrak Employees page!