Amtrak Employees
Operations Standards Update
Effective October 30, 2018 a new Service Standards Manual for Train Service & On-Board Service Employees has been released.  Every 6 months you will receive an updated book with an "effective date" replacing the "version number".
Companion Booklets such as Reporting and Recording Delays on Host Railroads, Train Service Accounting Procedures, and On-Board Revenue Accounting need to be ordered and supplied by you manager.  These booklets may be kept in the pockets of the book. 
Please retain all OSU's issued after September 2018 Update in order to have an up-to-date manual.
eMDs receive a monthly updated version of the SSM.
Lost & Found
Effective 10/12/18 a new database was introduced for the Lost & Found.  Passengers may report lost items on Amtrak.com.  They will receive automatic updates via email or text.  Status updates are issued Day 1, 3, 7, 14, 30.  On Day 30, the search will be discontinued.  If they have no access to the internet please let the passengers know they can contact the station. 
eMAP21a Reporting
There have been persistent defects reported on the side doors on the Amfleet I equipment.  Because the winter brings such harsh weather, mechanical is currently looking to begin diagnosing doors that allow large amounts of air in during the off-season.  When the train is at speed, place you hand near the door jamb edge or the door pocket edge and check whether the doors are allowing air to pass through.  If so, please write it up in the eMAP21a with "side door not sealing well" in the notes along with the location  on the car.
Retirees Pass Cards
If you know of any retirees and dependents, please be sure that they review the expiration date on their Rail Travel Privilege Cards.  Many cards are set to expire October 2018.  Conductors are permitted to accept pass cards with the October 2018 expiration date until November 30, 2018.
User Guide Update
Sept 2018 update has information of changes made to "Reporting and Recording Delays on Railroads".  PTC has been added to many of the categories.  Some delay codes have new delays added to the categories.  Please make yourself familiar with these changes.
Click above link above to read National Attendance Policy for Agreement Employees at Amtrak
Please keep in mind that there are approved paid absences as provided by the labor agreement such as
  • Jury Duty
  • Bereavement Leave (max 3 days)
  • Operation Care (max 3 days)
  • routine military training
  • pre-notified union business
  • a single bump day if displaced
On train employees an occurrence is defined as:
1. a single absence from work, an assignment, or part of an assignment on one or more consecutive days for the same reason, or
2. being unavailable for work on a calendar day (including a missed call, mark-off, refusing an assignment, failure to mark-up, etc.), or
3. arriving late for sig-up prior to train departure or leaving an assignment before it is completed.

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