Ask Richard  Anderson CEO of Amtrak 

I know there are plans to convert some baggage racks to also accept bikes, but during the summer the racks are full of bags. Would Amtrak consider adding some baggage car capacity to the NEC during the summer months?
Dennis Newman, EVP, Strategy and Planning: Adding baggage cars increases costs. In the case of the NEC some of our busiest trains already have the maximum number of cars allowed by platform lengths; in such cases adding baggage cars would force us to reduce the number of coaches and therefore would reduce ticket revenue. At this time, we therefore are not considering adding baggage cars to NEC trains.

The new Companion Pass Policy states that “Employees may not flash their ID card for free travel while traveling with a companion pass.” Please clarify the tax implications of this. Will the employee's personal travel ticket be taxed as income along with the companion ticket, or ONLY the companion ticket?
DJ Stadtler, EVP, Chief Administrative Officer: The purpose of not allowing the employee to flash pass with a companion is to ensure the companion and the employee are on the same reservation. If an employee flash passes, we cannot correlate the companion booking with an employee privilege. Employee travel is not taxable—only the companion ticket.

Is there any news on the new train station that is supposed to be built on Bland Ave in Newport News, Va.?
Robert Jordan, AVP, Customer Service and Stations: The opening is planned for December 2021.