Local Committee of Adjustments Monthly Report
Hurricane Florence/Michael
For those who's jobs were "abolished, bumped or laid off or furloughed" during Hurricane Florence, You can file an unemployment benefit claim with Railroad Retirement. There is a 14 day waiting period from the last day in which you received pay. Currently the daily benefit is $77.00. You must have been off at least 4 days to claim this benefit. 

Hard copies have been distributed to your vice locals. However, you may elect to file your claim online. To log-in you will need a PIN in order to do so. If you don't have a PIN, you may request for a new PIN to be processed. You should receive it by mail within and 10 working days. Your PIN is good for 5 years and may be used for sickness and/ or unemployment benefits.

**For any day you worked a job, do not claim RRB benefits for that day!

Filing Penalty claims: you have 30 days to file your penalty claims. If any portion of your job couplet WORKED and you were not allowed to work it (your job was annulled) put in a penalty claim for every day you weren’t allowed to work it. If you worked an assignment on any day DO NOT PUT A PENALTY CLAIM IN THE SYSTEM. If a ticket was generated in the system and you didn't work: click "I did not work this Train".

Be detailed in the comments. Example: "My reg job 96-157 was annulled. I was not allowed to work my assignment. It was given to the extraboard."
"My reg job 92-93 was annulled. I was not allowed to work any portion of my couplet. The extraboard was given 93 to work. Transportation was available to my assignment."

The labor code is 01 and you get 8hrs for the job.

Also, If any job ran out of your crewbase short (no 3rd man) get the job symbol for the job and put your penalty claim in for 4hrs (labor code 81).

Call Willie or Samantha if you have any questions.
Safety Complaints
FBG: No lock on the wheelchair lift.
RGH: No elevator or escalator at the station.  Stairs only.
RVM: Door stopper needed to keep door to wheelchair lift open.
Bikes at RVM
A pilot program has been launched that allows passengers to board and disembark with bikes.  Tickets for bikes must be reserved in advance and there is a $20 charge for bikes being added to the passengers ticket.
Dispatcher Instructions
Please notify CNOC and your immediate supervisor. CYA!
Train 195 will store their train on 5 track on Sundays.  Train 87 will store their train on 4 track.  Memo posted via crew room.
Please make sure you have your conductor certification card in your possession while working.  If you don't have it, please make call your TM for a temporary card.  90 days before your expiration date, a needs to take place and your TM should have been notified by YOU.
Unaccompanied Minor
Please note that the new August update for the Service Standards Manual has a revision for unaccompanied minor forms.  The conductor will receive ONE copy of the notification & release form from the boarding station agent.  This form MUST be given to the destination station agent.  THE CONDUCTOR WILL NO LONGER BE REQUIRED TO KEEP A COPY OF THE FORM FOR THEIR RECORDS.
Private cars are no longer available to be removed in the middle of a train route.  They must travel from the origin to the destination of the train they have been coupled too.  NS car located near track 7 has been requested to be removed by the CEO. 
Please remember that when you update your personal contact information with the company, it doesn't update with the union.  Please make sure you have provided an updated address and phone number on file with the S & T, Ron Tiedemann.
Job Briefings
Please be sure you have a complete job briefing.  This includes safety rules, going over the orders completely, noting work authorities you don't have versus what you do, station stops, etc.  Even pick up the manifest if possible.  Make sure you are inputting the correct minutes for the delays in the as well.  Delay reports are being questioned and scrutinized thoroughly. Check for your engine number and consist! RVR: Don't assume that your train will always be stored on the same tracks.  Dispatcher and management reserve the right to change as need be.  If you are the inbound conductor leaving equipment on a different storage track than usual, please leave a note for the outbound conductor and call management.  Please check your devices if you are unable to obtain a manifest before loading passengers. Let's be proactive and look out for one another
Vacation Factor Days
1 year of service:    1 week vac         160 days
2 years of service:   2 weeks vac       320 days
8 years of service:   3 weeks vac       1280 days
17 years of service: 4 weeks vac        2720 days
25 years of service:  5 weeks vac        4000 days
To determine criteria, three separate criteria are involved: 1. total years of service, counting from the date the employee first entered service in the non-operating craft position, 2. total days worked in train or engine service (days worked in non-operating craft do not count), and 3. days worked in train or engine service in the preceding calendar year.