Local Committee of Adjustments Monthly Report


Cafe Car:  Social distancing of 6ft is required within the cafe car.  Yellow and white signs are placed within the cafe car.  Masks must be worn by guests within the cafe car.

Conductors have been warned that only one table is allowed to be occupied within the cafe car.  The State of Va and managers have been reporting back to upper management that conductors are still taking up two cafe car tables.  The latest is a picture that was taken of two tables being occupied by Conductor grips and paperwork.  There was also a "Reserved for Crew" sign on both tables.  Management is no longer giving our warnings.  They have notified me that formal discipline will be the next step.  Please govern yourself accordingly.

Refams:  All refam trips are temporarily canceled due to COVID-19.

All employees will be given 1 refam trip once a year on each territory they are qualified on for the current crew base that you are working only.  If there is no job, going to a location you are qualified, you may still qualify but you will not be compensated.  Extra board employees will continue to stay qualified in all territories. Contact your TM for a head-end pass.  All trips will fall under hours of service.  Refam trips cannot be done on your layover or relief day.  

VRE:  As of 1-31-20 the appeals sent to Kerins were all paid.  In the next few weeks, I will be meeting with Winans to develop a user-friendly way to submit Time Claims.  We agree that the time limits are extremely too long.  It takes almost a year to get paid from the complete process.  We want to incorporate KORS and change the time limits as well.  

Hotel Accommodations and Transportation:  Please familiarize yourself with the latest Feb 2020 OSU.  There is an update to hotel accommodations and transportation for the crews.  Please note, those hotel accommodations are not for family and friends.  Travel Alliance does not require specific vehicle transportation for crews.  Uber and Lyft are acceptable forms of transportation.  Crew transportation is not for family and friends. Amtrak crews are prohibited from having their family and friends from riding in transportation for Amtrak crews. 

Denied Time Claims:  If you are submitting a penalty claim to the LC,  you will need to provide a copy of your pay stub or PTT denial claim. The date that payroll denied your penalty claim needs to be on your paperwork.  There is a time frame for submitting Time Claims (Rule 24).  Handing me a denied PTT ticket doesn't provide that information. You may scan and email or time claims in the LC "T" box in RVR or in the Union office in WAS.  It needs to be legible and with as much detailed information as possible. Time claims are being denied because members are not putting the correct information in for details.