Local Committee of Adjustments Monthly Report

Baggage Money:  There was a meeting regarding the BX money on Tuesday, January 7th.  The process of recovery has started.  Long story short, the company claims trains were only being tracked through the BX code on the tickets submitted through PTT.  We know that can't be the only way the BX money is tracked.  The agreement that was made between Amtrak and the Union was that the BX would be regularly recorded by the company.  For some odd reason, the company conveniently forgot to include it on many of our member's time tickets.  Because the BX money is "Pre 99", most of the newer employees of Amtrak aren't even aware of the history or that they are entitled to the $9.00.  BX is given only when a train has 7 revenue cars, with one of them having to be a sleeper.  The baggage car is considered a revenue car.  

Delay Reports: ALX is still holding the number one spot for HLD delays.  Please make sure you give specifics when inputting information into the eMD.  Conductors have started using "Lost N.A.R." again more than they should.  Be sure to look at each delay carefully.  Did you lose time because of PTC?  New engineer? Only one ticket agent within the station?  Multiple spots?  Cover all your bases and DO NOT LIE.

OSA: ALX, LYH, CVS, RVR, PTB ticket agents are using a station provided eMD to track all requests.  Please make sure you are inputting all the information needed within the Crew notes.  Any station requests such as wchrs, lifts, visually impaired, MAAS, etc. need to be input for their knowledge.  Please remember to put the car number and location of the passenger.

Denied Time Claims:  If you are submitting a penalty claim to the LC,  you will need to provide a copy of your pay stub or PTT denial claim. The date that payroll denied your penalty claim needs to be on your paperwork.  There is a time frame for submitting Time Claims (Rule 24).  Handing me a denied PTT ticket doesn't provide that information. You may scan and email or time claims in the LC "T" box in RVR or in the Union office in WAS.  It needs to be legible and with as much detailed information as possible. Time claims are being denied because members are not putting the correct information in for details.