Keolis: The General Committee and LC met with Keolis on July 17th.  The meeting was a success.  The GC will be in WAS to present the agreed package to the VRE crews in the next week.  The next steps involve ratification of the contract, votes counted and then put into effect.

Buddy Passes
Next spring, Amtrak has decided to implement employees "Companion Passes".  There will be 8 passes: 8 single rides or 4 round trips.  They will be given this September.

Local Dues
Many have questions regarding the breakdown of Local dues.  Please see info below.
International dues: $31.50
Legislative dues: $7.00
Local dues: $15.00
GCA (General Committee of Adjustments): $46.86
LCA (Local Committee of Adjustments): $10.00
That's a total of $110.36 for dues only. 
Many members have DIPP (Income protection), insurance premiums, policies, etc. extracted when union dues are taken as well.  disability is $34.50/month. disability is dependent on which plan was chosen: 50% $73.88/month and 60% option is $51.63/month.

Pay Raise Calendar
Increase %
Asst Conductor
Crew Allowance
July 1, 2018
July 1. 2019
July 1, 2020
July 1, 2021
Wear your safety glasses.   Use proper radio procedures when crew members. Managers are watching! 
Amtrak Mentor Pay
One hour Conductor's rate at $38.22.  Use the code "AP".
New hire conductors that are posting pay is $20.00
**If you turn the angle cock for any reason, you must perform a Class II brake test and engine brake test.
Short Crew Violations: Code "SC", UTU Agreement Rule 11,
Cells phone and Tablets: need to be turned off and stored away.  Do not text on the train.
John Winans: Chief Transportation Officer
Lamar Bates: Manager of Safety and Compliance
Q&A...or not
If you get called you have a right to call for union representation.  Call me or a union employee before committing to questioning.