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LOCAL 1933


Freddie Mungo CLT Crew base (July 2020)

Jack Hunt RGH Crew base (July 2020)

R L Glass HUN Crew base (August 2020)

Although this information is mostly about Local 1933, we stand in solidarity with other Unions. On Friday, July 24th 6 of the ticket agents from the Richmond District retired.

Alfred E. Baird (RVR)

Carolyn Robinson (NPN)

Sandra Lake (NFK)

Lisa Banks (NFK)

Robbie Najee (NPN)

Garland Harper (LYH)

Others that we have worked with over the years also took the VSIP. Some of those people include Linda Anderson, Howie Carter, Scott Dudzik, Brian Gallagher, Helen Williamson, Sandra Bennett, Scott Kenner, Maureen Mahoney, Paula Fairburn, Lisa Roberge, Christel Rung, Tashina Thomas, Michael DeCataldo, William Ferrell, and Gwendolyn Fields