Your Officers
Local Committee 
of Adjustment                              Local Officers
Local Chairman
Samantha D. Taylor
(202) 906-2716 (office)
(804) 269-1897 (cell)


Vice Local Washington
Eric Mohan

Vice Local Richmond
Bryan Reed

Vice Local Charlotte
Erica Parr


Vice Local Raleigh
Josh Reed


First Vice Local Florence
  Donald Prince
  (843) 319-7635

 Vice Local Huntington
  Leonard L. Claytor

Vice Local Keolis MSS
Curtis Powell

Vice Local Keolis FBG
Sean Kilduff
Cell: (609) 218-1266
Jason Christiansen
Vice President
David Blackett

Ron Tiedemann
(804) 651-1927 (cell)
Legislative Representative
Jarad Jackson
(804) 317-7770
Alternate Legislative Representative/
Website Administrator
Samantha Taylor
Jerry Reed

Carolyn Price

Bryan Reed

Your Union...

Is comprised of almost 300 members from Amtrak and Keolis comprising of the crew bases of Manassas, Fredericksburg, Washington, Richmond, Raleigh, Huntington, Florence, and Charlotte.
4 states, 2 companies, 1 UNION.