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June LCA Report

June 19, 2013
LCA 1933 Chairperson / State Director Report

1 Here is sample listing of charge letters that I have received:

Revenue – major violations- 2 cases
Delay Reports- not complete
Rude to passengers – 2 cases
Work Place violence- 2 cases
Not showing up for work.
Late for work
Operational Rule failure – not calling signal
Falsification of Delay Reports
Rule G – 3 cases
Passenger Carry-by – 2 cases

I was advised by the Southern Division that they have a Conductor that was 
allegedly texting while on duty. That carries a mandatory 10 day suspension.

13 claims have been processed through Labor Relation in the last month and a half.

PLB hearing in Philadelphia are scheduled for 2 members on June 20, 2013

2. Watch your remittance procedures

3. Conductors don’t occupy more than 2 tables in café car

4. Remember don’t stop the train unless you have permission from the train dispatcher
and give car number and what you found if you stop for a possible defect.

5. We will be looking at the hotel accommodations in Atlanta Ga.

6. We are looking at some job changes if Congress doesn't give Amtrak the funding it 

7. Whenever they are fights or disruptions on the train don’t get involved call the
Police right away.

8. Track work on Newport News route for the next 2 weeks.

9. Book check will be random for the next 3 months.

10. Safety glasses please wear them they are going to be looking at compliance.

11. Conductors stay out of cab of engine until your duties require you to be up there.

12. New Hours of Service will be going into effect on October 15.  An explanation of the 
new law will be distributed to all T&E employees so they understand the changes.  I 
don’t see any substantial changes that will effect our trains. Remember you can claim 
only 1 day due to Hours of Service, UTU Agreement Rule 50.

13. If there are member that are putting your job at risk please contact one of your local officers and let us resolve it because you go to management.

14. If there any questions or concerns call me at 804-920-0691 or email me at williebates10@verizon.net

15. General Chairperson Sampson has signed a new contract with Keolis.

16. If you don’t contribute to the UTU Pac now is the time to do it. I will have pledge 
forms available at the Union office.  Please stop by to get one and Contribute.

17. Remember to use SC on job code when claiming crew consist violations. UTU 
Agreement Rule 11.

William H. Bates