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September LCA Report

We had 4 charges and 4 waivers.

1 member was medically disqualified  due to not being able to pass re-certification physical.

Talked to Asst. Supt about job changes due to track work.  The new jobs should be out soon.

Asking everyone to monitor fellow members condition of their uniform  If it's not up to standard, talk to them.

Starting in October, there will be a conference call between Vice Local Chairpersons and Local Chairman each month.

Please be careful when you talk to CSX, NS, or Amtrak management about a rule violation.  It's best to have Union representation.

I will be visiting all crew bases to talk to members and train Vice Local Chairpersons on how to write a claim for members and the proper protocol when doing so.

Please read the Local website to get the most up to date information.

William H. Bates