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January 2014 LCA Report

1. Rule 20 - if you bid on extra board and if paid to qualify, after qualifying on all areas the extra board covers, you must stay on the board for 6 months.  If you are force assigned, you may bid off after qualifying.

2. 5 Waivers
  1. 3 Rule Violations - EC-1 violation, failure to inspect train.
  2. Run through switch Lorton - Confidential Close Call Reporting System used and no discipline enforced
  3. Rule violations for EC-1 : all prohibitions have been lifted by CSX
  4. Failing to follow instructions for qualifying employee negotiations still ongoing.
  5. Rule violation at efficiency test.
  6. We have 8 claims being processed through Labor Relations.  The latest decisions will be mailed out in next couple of days to the affected members.

3. 13 new hires are marked up in Washington D.C.  4 in Florence Crew base.  Please help them out when you can.

4. Amtrak latest Trainman Rosters have been sent out from General Committee.  Any discrepancies need to be filed by April 15, 2014.

5. Conductor Certification.

6. Norfolk Service - the station is now open, it will be manned at a later date.  Amtrak is hiring for the station now.
7. Efficiency testing will become very active in the very near future.  
Look for increased efficiency testing form CSX/Amtrak.  Especially with DD Rules, when a train goes in emergency, and when the crews talk to the dispatcher.  For example: If at Greendale coming out of 5 track, if a dispatcher tells you to call him back after you close up make sure it is done on the engine radio without fail.  If it is not done as per the dispatcher's instruction, you as the Conductor, make sure it is done.

8. UTU is now officially SMART-Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation.
New Constitution and Rituals in effect on January 12, 2014.  Can be found on website.

9. Seat Checks and 4 seaters on trains are not worth losing your job over.
It has come to the attention of labor and management that on board personnel are seat checking on the train.  Make no mistake, it is the Conductor's job to seat check trains.  If the train attendants are doing it, management says they do not need the extra Conductor.

10. New CSX Rules and Timetables are in effect.  Also, the Study Guides are out for Block Training.  The Study Guides are only for reference for the test.

11. Personal Holidays- We don't have personal days, we have personal holidays.  You must protect it like a holiday if you work it or take off for it.  It must be bridged.

12. Displacements-  if you are displaced you have 48 hours to displace a junior employee or an open job.  If you fail to do so you will be placed on extra board.  Optional Displacement is 24 hours.

13. Keolis will have an additional train set in October and additional 8 new cars coming in for passenger use.  The new station in Spotsylvania should be open in October too.  They were also awarded the multi-billion dollar contract in Boston (MBTA).

If anyone needs any clarification to anything discussed in the prior bullet points, don't hesitate to call me at 804-920-0601.


William H. Bates