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February 2014 LCA Report

Here is sample listing of charge letters that I have received.


No charge letters
2 waivers


2 Charges
2 Waivers

Town Hall meeting was held with General Manager Greg Baxter and members.

13 claims and 1 appeal have been processed through Labor Relations in the last month and a half.

1. PLB hearing in Philadelphia have not been scheduled for 2 members for 2014

2. Conductors please don’t occupy more than 2 tables in café car

3. Remember don’t stop the train unless you have permission from the train dispatcher and give car number and what you found if you stop for a possible defect.

4. We will be looking at the hotel accommodations in Norfolk, VA and Pittsburgh Pa.

5. Whenever they are fights or disruptions on the train don’t get
involved call the Police right away.

6. Track work on Newport News route for the next 2 to 3 weeks.

7. Book check will be random for the next 3 months.

8. Safety glasses please wear them.  They are going to be looking at

9. Conductors stay out of cab of engine until your duties require you
to be up there.

10. If there are members that are putting your job at risk please contact one
of your local officers and let them resolve it before you go to management.

11. If there any questions or concerns call me at 804‐920‐0691 or email
me at williebates10@verizon.net

12. If you don’t contribute to the UTU Pac now is the time to do it. I will
have pledge forms available at the Union office. Please stop by to get
one and Contribute.

13. Remember to use SC on job code when claiming crew consist
violations. UTU Agreement Rule 11.

14. SMART Transportation Division Convention will be held on June 30
to July 2, 2014. The SMART General Convention will be held on August
11 to 15, 2014.