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July 2014 LCA 1933 Chairperson / State Director Report

Here is a sample listing of the charge letters that I have received:


4 charge letters    3 waivers

1 investigation pending - Rude to passenger

PLB Hearings in Philadelphia have not been scheduled for 2 members for 2014.


1 charge letter    1 waiver - not showing up for work

3 claims are being processed through Labor Relations this month so far.

  1. Remember I need the claim within 30 days of the violation.  Labor Relations is going strictly by the letter of the agreement now.  Remember to use SC on job code when claiming crew consist violations.  UTU Agreement Rule 11.  I also need the manifest.
  2. Conductors please don't occupy more than 2 tables in the Cafe Car.
  3. Remember all personal phones must be off and stored away while on duty on the train.
  4. Safety glasses, please wear them.  Management will be looking at compliance.
  5. If there are members that are putting your job at risk, please contact one of your local officers and let them resolve it before you go to management.
  6. If there are any questions or concerns, call me at 804-920-0691 or email me at williebates10@verizon.net 
  7. If you don't contribute to the UTU PAC, now is the time to do so! Pledge forms are available at the Union office in WAS.  Please stop by to get one and CONTRIBUTE!
  8. The SMART General Convention will be held on August 11th to the 15th, 2014.
  9. Mentor's pay is now 1 hour Conductor's rate of pay, $34.12.  Code is still AP.
  10. If CMS sets you back in an outlying point, that doesn't mean you must not do everything in your power to get the train out as safely and expeditiously as possible.
  11. Please be mindful of Held time (HLD) in stations, times are being monitored.
  12. Results of the First Convention of the SMART Transportation Division are as follows:
President :  John Previsich

Alternate President :  John Lesniewiski

National Legislative Director : John Risch

Alternate Legislative Director : Greg Hynes

Most of the Rail Vice Presidents and Officers went in by acclamation.

We still have members being called in the office and not advising an Union Officer that they are about to be interviewed by Management.  Our members just don't know what to say in those interviews.  They usually come out with a warning or a charge letter.  Please advise all members it will be in their BEST INTEREST  to get in touch with an Officer before they go in for that interview.